Sallys Holiday Cottages, Dartmoor, Devon
Holiday Cottages, Dartmoor, Devon
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Dartmoor, Devon
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The church of St Michael de Rupe atop Brentor is a prominent local landmark and a popular choice for a romantic wedding
Holiday Cottages, Dartmoor, Devon

CORONAVIRUS Notes for guests

Before travel

If before you arrive for your holiday you develop any of the following symptoms:

Contact us, STAY AT HOME and get a test.

Whilst at our property

If you develop any symptoms whilst on holiday you must inform us and you must return home immediately, by car, to your primary residence.You should  book a test in your home area as soon as possible.

If you are not fit to travel and need to continue to self-isolate at the cottage then you will become liable for any further expenses we incur if we are unable to accommodate our next guests.

Safety Measures

We have carried out a full risk assessment and have taken all recommended actions.

Christopher, Mary, Sue and Sally have all had training and are following strict guidelines for preparing the cottages for our guests.

We are also fogging the cottages on a monthly basis. 

What does this mean for you, our guests?

  Fogging works by sending minute particles of steriliser in a fog, all round the rooms. The particles then settle onto and around all surfaces, including walls, soft furnishings, and hard surfaces. The product being used is a brand called Sterizar. It is environmentally friendly, pet safe, skin safe and alcohol free. It has up to a 30 days active barrier that keeps on killing all known viruses and bacteria that come into contact with it. We are using a company from Launceston called Properfog and they have a Facebook page for further details or please research Sterizar, for further information. 

We will be wearing masks, aprons and gloves to clean and disinfect the cottages between occupations by guests. Please note that although the cottages are fogged we will continue to disinfect the door handles/cupboard handles and external door furniture/key box/keys. i.e. the high touch areas.

The bed set, (pillowcases, quilt cover and sheet), and the towels  will be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees.

Items supplied and items removed

In order to ensure your safety we have had to remove high risk and non-essential items that we would normally have provided for your comfort.

For the time being, we include a list of items that you will find at the cottage and a list of items that we have had to remove but which you might wish to bring with you when you pack for your holiday.

At the Property

Removed from the Property

Christopher and Sally Pancheri

Sallys holiday cottages in Devon
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Sally and Christopher Pancheri
Thorn Cottage
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